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We strive to make your experience at PrimeCasino the most thrilling on the net. That's why we have made it easy for you to download our casino games so you can start playing quickly and safely!

Once you have downloaded and installed the Casino Software, you will be asked to fill in some registration details. Once complete, you are then ready to play in the world's #1 Casino.
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Once you have completed this short process, you will be able to play for free or for real money our award winning online casino games. We have over 200 of the best online casino games for you to choose from and you can learn more about them by reading our Casino Games Preview.

If you can't download our award winning software right now, then why not order the PrimeCasino Software on CD - you can then easily download all of our award winning online casino games!

How to Download

Downloading the PrimeCasino software could not be safer or easier. Just follow the steps below to start enjoying the Prime experience. If you need any additional help you can speak right now one of our Player Support Team members via our Live Chat facility.

To get started, firstly click Download PrimeCasino. Downloading the software enables you to view the game graphics at their best.


When presented with the above pop-up box, simply click the 'Run' button to continue...

Download File

PrimeCasino software will now be downloading and on its way to you! The length of time this process takes is dependant on your connection to the Internet but usually with a Broadband connection it will only take a few moments.


How to Install

Once you have finished downloading the PrimeCasino software, it now needs to be installed on your computer. If you need any additional help you can speak right now one of our Player Support Team members via our Live Chat facility.

You will first be asked to read our 'End User Licence Agreement' which governs how you use the PrimeCasino. Once you have taken the time to read this agreement, please tick the 'I have read and agree to the terms of the licensing agreement' box and click the 'Next' button...

End User Licence Agreement

You well then be presented with two options on how you would like to install the PrimeCasino. We recommend you choose the 'Quick Install' option. When you are happy to continue, please click the 'Install' button...


The PrimeCasino is now installing onto your PC and you can see the progress as it happens...


The installation process only takes a minute or two to complete, again depending on your internet connection.

You are now ready to play our online casino games for real money!


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